Robocraft Royale Out Now On Steam Early Access

PRESS RELEASE PORTSMOUTH, UK - 26th March 2018: Robocraft Royale is the latest game from indie hit developer Freejam.  Priced at $14.99, £10.99 and €14.99 this new standalone PC game launches on Steam Early Access today. Robocraft Royale is Transformers meets Fortnite, and puts Abe Lincoln in a go-kart. Using all manner of different character-bots, players battle to the last in a huge (64km2) map littered with pick-ups, mountain observatories, power stations, forests, crashed spaceships and numerous different building configurations. Robocraft Royale lovingly selects the the best crazy character-bots created over 5 years from the 13 million plus strong Robocraft community. Players hunt for the character-bot that best suits their style, navigate the hazards of this world, emerge victorious and claim their proverbial cheese and ham toastie. Each time a [...]

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Robocraft Royale Launches March 26th on Steam Early Access

PRESS RELEASE Indie phenomenon innovates the Royale genre with player created characters and bespoke damage and weapon systems. PORTSMOUTH, UK - 6th March 2018: Indie hit developer, Freejam, is excited to announce their latest game, Robocraft Royale. This new standalone PC game comes to Steam Early Access on March 26th. Priced at $19.99, Robocraft Royale innovates the battle royale genre by allowing players to battle in a vast, 64km2, map with the best crazy characters sourced from the 13 mill+ strong Robocraft community. Robocraft Royale get players straight into battle, experimenting with different character types and aiming for number one! All while looking as stylish as possible. Robocrafts Royale's brilliant cube destruction system bring players novel battle encounters as they de-gun their enemies, blast off their limbs, cripple their movement [...]

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