Hypnospace Outlaw…where to begin? Have you ever wanted to play a game that very closely mimics the beginnings of widespread internet usage? Like the good old Netscape Navigator/Lycos/Angelfire days? Well developers Tendershoot, Michael Lasch, ThatWhichIs Media and publisher No More Robots have you covered.

In this alternate reality internet simulator, you are a Hypno Enforcer tasked with policing the Hypnospace Highway (internet). Your job is to look around the 90s version of the darkweb and find those users that decide to break Hypnospace Law by infringing on copyright, conduct illegal activity, harass others, use illegal commerce, etc. Generally speaking this has you looking at tons and tons of Hypnospace pages looking for lawbreakers. Sometimes your job is to look for Harassment (Zane, you asshat) and other times you need to find where people are using the illegal commerce known as Capa Cash. Once you find these violations you mark the content and send it away for processing. Once a user has enough violations you can flag their account for potential removal from Hypnospace. When you do your job well and correctly, you are rewarded with Hypnocoin, the in-game currency. This is necessary to see more aspects of the darkweb. I had to buy a “psychic consultation” in order to receive a special link via email that showed that “Sherri Heals” was using Capa Cash. Once I was able to get to that specific hypnospace page I flagged that Miss Cleo wannabe for violation of the illegal commerce law!

Hypnospace Outlaw tries to keep you very engaged in the game by essentially allowing you to play Detective. Uncovering hidden pages requires a bit of finesse but it’s both challenging and satisfying. Scouring each page for clues is time consuming but ultimately worth it when you discover something criminal.

Aesthetically, the game is very, very 1990s! I was young around this time but I still remember the colorful animated GIFs and overuse of large and terrible fonts. No one knew how to make a website back then and it showed. A lot of pages that were “under construction” at that time probably never came to fruition. Hypnospace Outlaw captures this essence flawlessly, including pages under construction. Plus you are able to create your own Hypnospace Page!


Hypnospace Outlaw’s music bombards your eardrums with incredible sounds and “Granny Cream’s Hot Butter Ice Cream” may be my favorite page because of how strange the jingle is. The MIDI music matches what the game is going for and nothing seems out of place. You can create your own tunes also however I’m not musically inclined so I didn’t bother.

Overall Hypnospace Outlaw is coming together nicely. The developers are aiming to have this game out by the end of the year and I hope they succeed. Many hours of fun will be had in this crazy awesome game once it releases.

More information on the game can be found at the following locations:

Hypnospace Outlaw Kickstarter
The Hypnospace Outlaw Official Website
Hypnospace Outlaw on Steam


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