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Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Support Hero, Moira

At Blizzcon today, Blizzard Entertainment announced Overwatch‘s newest hero Moira.

Here’s the info straight from Blizzard themselves:

Moira is a world-renowned scientist specializing in genetics, who now works in the employ of the shadowy Talon organization. As a Support hero, she applies her vast knowledge on the battlefield to weaken her opponents and strengthen her allies. Her Biotic Grasp can drain life from enemies but can also be used to heal her teammates, while her Fade ability allows her to instantly escape danger by temporarily disappearing into the shadows. She can provide a surge of extra damage against foes—or added healing for friends—with Biotic Orb. Her ultimate ability, Coalescence, mends or maims those in its path; not even barriers can stop this powerful beam.

Some screenshots of the Talon healer:

And if that isn’t enough, there’s not one but TWO videos to check out!

As someone who plays Overwatch, I can’t wait for Moira! I get the feeling that she will be very OP at first but super fun. Hopefully she will land on the PTR sooner rather than later.