Mega Man Equips Heavy Metal Remixes With C-Busters


SEATTLE – May 11, 2018 – Materia Collective is pleased to present C-Busters: A Tribute to Megaman Classic, a collection heavy metal and rock fusion performances from NES-era Mega Man games by arranger Thennecan. Fan-favorite tracks such as “Dr. Wily” from Mega Man 2 and “Shadow Man” from Mega Man 3 are just two of the 15 face-melting remixes that are featured. C-Busters: A Tribute to Megaman Classic is fully licensed and available now:

C-Busters: A Tribute to Megaman Classic on Bandcamp
C-Busters: A Tribute to Megaman Classic on iTunes
C-Busters: A Tribute to Megaman Classic on Spotify

Mega Man 4 is one of the first games I ever played, and it is one of my favourites to this day,” comments arranger Thennecan. “Mega Man has an extremely faithful community of people who have kept it alive for decades, so I definitely wanted to make my own contribution. While I had to leave some of my favourite tracks out to represent the whole series, I loved every track on the album for different reasons. I really hope Capcom is able to revive the franchise with Mega Man 11, there are a lot of fans waiting!”

The full track listing for C-Busters is as follows:

01. Out of Necessity
02. Ruined Street
03. Air Man
04. Dust Man
05. Knight Man
06. Guts Man
07. We’re the Robots
08. Main Title
09. Metal Man
10. Solar Inferno
11. Skull Man
12. Shadow Man
13. Dr. Cossack
14. Dr. Wily
15. For Everlasting Peace

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About Thennecan


After composing for some small mobile games, Thennecan joined Materia Collective as a music producer and arranger. Since then he has been involved in projects of different videogame music communities, his first album C-Busters is a Megaman classic tribute in which he mixes heavy metal, fusion and latinamerican elements.

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About Materia Collective


Materia Collective is a Seattle-based videogame music publisher and label, representing an international array of renowned video game musicians, composers, and songwriters. The collective supports its members with the financial, legal, logistical, and creative aspects of bringing videogame music into the forefront. The company has become known within the industry as a representation of highly innovative game music endeavors that move and inspire.

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If there’s anything that fans of ours should know by now, it’s that I am a huge Mega Man fan. I’m jamming to this album right now on Bandcamp! It’s pretty dope. Check it out!


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