L.A. Noire will be receiving new versions for Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One. While this was rumored a few months back it appears that (like most rumors) it was based in reality.

Rockstar unleashed this news upon the world today and gamers who played and loved the original cried out in joy. I was a very big fan of the original on Xbox360. The voice acting was top notch and featured the likes of Greg Grunberg from HEROES fame.

In addition, just in case you were wondering about the headline Rockstar will also be releasing THE VR CASE FILES for HTC Vive as seen in this promotional image:

L.A. Noire VR

Therefore you shouldn’t have a single excuse to not pick up this game as it will be on most every console/system after November 14th, 2017. However I feel as if I would most enjoy the VR version of the game. Just my two cents.