While at PAX South we stopped by the Knights of the Drowned Table booth to experience the two player co-op PAX demo of the game by RillyBoss Studios. The Demo puts you in a Tavern and you have to pick up a mug of ale/beer from the counter with the touch controllers and deliver it to a man sitting at a table. This in turn teleports you right outside the boss fight. Before the fight you can chose a weapon or two from a table. I chose a bow and Matthew chose to duel wield a sword and an axe. The boss was a giant female orc in a dress and lipstick. Matthew asked “What the fuck is that?” to which the developer replied: “My Ex-girlfriend.” It was quite funny to see at first. I really like the bow mechanics. After shooting each arrow you must reach for another arrow from over your shoulder and put it in your bow. Matthew died pretty fast so we didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the melee mechanics. He managed to damage a few of the skeletons, gargoyles, and slimes that were running around before being overwhelmed. Funnily enough, after he died those non-boss monsters didn’t pursue me at all and kept repeating the same path, almost in a patrol-like manner.

To kill the boss, I had to kite it around while still intentionally avoiding those extra monsters just in case. While doing this, I noticed some switches but I couldn’t interact with them. After killing the boss I was informed via the developer that the fight was dumb-ed down for PAX and it actually had a mechanic to it in the full version that used these switches.

I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t get to experience the “real” fight but I understand why they did that. While the line for the game itself was never super long, the wait made it feel that way at times. If every player had the chance to experience the full game I can only imagine how long the wait would have actually been. Also, in my experience with VR the physical turning in order to change the direction that you are looking didn’t match the control scheme. However, I was told in the full game that you can change that. For a dumb-ed down demo it was really fun. I see potential for the game and really look forward to playing the early release version to experience the fight (and rest of the game) the way it was meant to be played.

Stay tuned for an updated preview of the early access game.


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Daniel V.

FPS and action/adventure games are my main stays, but I love all types of games. I especially love a good competitive game such as Overwatch.
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