This past weekend, Bandai Namco opened up their servers to perform a network stress test for Soul Calibur 6, giving many players a chance to experience the game if they haven’t been able to do so at events such as EVO. While the available roster isn’t the complete one that will be available at launch, it was still diverse enough to help get a feel for the game.

Visually, the game looks amazing and has some of the most beautiful stages out there in a 3D fighting game right now. While Tekken 7 does have very good stages and character models, Soul Calibur 6 has a much smoother, cleaner, and brighter aesthetic to it compared to Tekken 7. The soundtrack is also well done as well. Fortunately, The Witcher’s Geralt was available to play during the beta which allowed access to his stage as well, which features some very hype inducing music!

The game definitely felt very similar to Soul Calibur 2’s gameplay, which is a personal favorite of mine. One change I did notice is you no longer have 2 different grabs performed by A+G and B+G, but rather, you now hold back along with A+G to perform your 2nd throw option, or “back throw.” The B+G command is now Reverse Edge, which is almost a small QTE that engages into a small “rock-paper-scissors”-esque scenario. Many players have their criticisms of this mechanic stating that it kills of momentum or leaves too much to change. While this may seem true, it does seem that this mechanic may eventually not be used in the meta as often once more experimenting has been done. It’s definitely difficult to say for now, but it’s exciting to see what may develop in the meta.

Another welcome change is that Guard Impact no longer costs meter. A complaint that many people had when it came to Soul Calibur 5. This mechanic allows you to freely attempt to switch the momentum in your favor by attempting to read the opponent and parrying their move against you.

Unfortunately, the wait times during matchmaking were quite fairly long. If you wanted to get a match fairly quickly, your best option was to to not picky in regards to your opponent’s connection. Despite having this option on so I that I could get more matches in, for the most part, the connection I had throughout my matches were fairly decent. However, there were a few times where the connection started becoming quite laggy by the time it reached the 3rd round.

Overall, the network beta was a great way to whet our appetite for the release of Soul Calibur VI, which will be later this month on the 19th of October.

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Josh S.

While mainly going under the moniker of "Shiro", Josh has been a fan of gaming for most of his life having started with games such as Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Chrono Trigger. An avid fan of RPG games, he is also a lover of fighting games and currently spends most of his time with NRS's current fighter Injustice 2.
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