Are you eagerly awaiting the PC release of Destiny 2 like we are? Want to know when the game launches and the minimum specs needed to run the game? Well then you are in luck!

The fine folks over at Bungie have released important information regarding the upcoming PC launch (12 days!).

Check out this handy chart to see when the game launches in your area:

destiny 2 launch

And here’s a handy guide of the minimum and recommended specs to run the game:

Destiny 2 specs

Who is going to be playing on release day besides Daniel and myself? Being n00bs to the Destiny series we would love a handy guide or two. Let us know by sending an email to matthew[at] or daniel[at] and we’ll try to play with you guys! I’m going to be streaming the game and I think Daniel may be as well.

Release day can’t come soon enough!