Going into the Destiny 2 PC beta, I had no preconceived notions about the game since I never played the original. I probably spent over an hour on the first introductory level just taking in all of the scenery. Not only is the game gorgeous but the level design is fantastic as well. Each firefight was perfectly paced.

There was never a point in the tutorial level that I felt overwhelmed by the enemy. Granted it could have been my turtle pace that made it feel this way but whatever. The weapons felt really cool albeit a bit strange. The fact that Shotguns and Rocket Launchers/Grenade Launchers took up the “power weapon” slot was weird and annoying.

The ammo for the power weapon slot was scarce (and probably intentional) and so deciding when to use them was difficult to gauge. This was especially true since you also have a super ability that can turn the tide of battle in an instant. Presumably you will use the power weapons while your super isn’t fully charged but you also don’t want to waste the ammo on the regular enemies. Finding the perfect balance was the key to not only staying well supplied on ammo but doing as much damage as possible.

The weapons themselves were a bit of a mixed bag. The Hand Cannons (pistols) were highly effective and when paired with the “Gunslinger” subclass for the Hunter seemed to have the highest potential to tear through enemies when headshotting them. The assault rifles were decent. The Titan unique weapon that I acquired in the beta was a chaingun-style rifle that was brilliantly effective. How effective each weapon is probably differs wildly from one to another. I found myself using a Hand Cannon or Power weapon as often as I could. The one sniper rifle I was able to use in the beta worked fine and Rocket Launchers/Grenade Launchers functioned as expected. The shotgun felt brutal and my only real gripe with it was that I was out of ammo a lot due to its extended use.

I can only speak about two of the three classes due to the beta ending before I had a chance to try out Warlock. The first class I tried was a Titan and it was a lot of fun. I felt very much like Captain America when using my super ability as the Sentinel subclass because of the shield. At first I had no idea that you could throw it OR use it to block incoming damage. I was just trying to hit stuff before the timer ran out. But indeed you CAN throw it and use it to block damage. In the full game, I imagine that the colors on a lot of Titan Sentinels you see will probably mirror Captain America. That’s my plan anyway.

The other Titan subclass, Striker seems like it would also be fun. I wasn’t aware that you could swap subclasses until I tried out Hunter and so I missed playing it. It sounds similar to the first game so Destiny veterans already have an idea of what it is. The Gunslinger subclass for Hunter has a super ability where you can fire up to 6 shots that instantly disintegrate most enemies and do a lot of damage to the rest. Being able to throw a knife as the Gunslinger was also immensely satisfying. The Arcstrider Hunter however is where the Hunter shines in my opinion. He can acrobatically smack enemies with a lightning staff to great effect. Mobility is also increased and this makes it easier to take out large groups of enemies extremely quick. I had a hell of a lot of fun melee-ing and dodging as the Arcstrider.

As of this writing, I am torn between Arcstrider Hunter and Sentinel Titan as the class I will chose first when the game launches on PC in late October. That being said, I may still give Warlock a chance after watching Daniel’s footage of that class while I was editing our highlights video.. Anyone out there that played the PC beta as a Warlock care to share your thoughts?


Overall the beta felt short, but I have very high hopes for the full game. I think a new loot-based shooter is just what we need right now since Borderlands is on hiatus and Destiny 2 looks like it will scratch that itch.

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