Montreal, April 4th 2018 – As it nears launch later this year, NITE Team 4 from Alice & Smith today announced that its groundbreaking hacking adventure game will soon add multiplayer to its increasingly robust set of features. The game is available for pre-order now, which includes access to the ongoing beta test, via the official site.

“What’s really going to set NITE Team 4 apart, aside from the fact that there’s no other game quite like it, is that we’re not stopping at creating just a compelling single player experience,” said Andrea Doyon, Puppet Master and Co-Founder of Alice & Smith. “The world of NITE Team 4 is full of agents working together to change the world with their actions.”

NITE Team 4 will soon open the gates to its co-op missions update in the closed beta, available to all players who’ve pre-ordered the game. In co-op missions, 2-4 agents can band together to crack the mysteries of the dark web that lie before them and track down the enemies of the established forces. Players can pool their resources, unlocked tools, credentials, and chatter back and forth to make sure that no secret goes uncovered.

Players can pre-order NITE Team 4 right now, and gain access to the growing list of demo missions in the beta, as well as the new co-op gameplay mechanics in this latest update.

If you’d like to talk to Andrea Doyon, and President Nathalie Lacoste, at PAX East, we still have a few times available. Please let us know!

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