PRESS RELEASE Hertfordshire, 11th January 2019 – KOEI TECMO Europe and Team NINJA are excited to announce the official launch of the PlayStation®4 DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Online Beta Test. The Online Beta will be exclusive to PS PLUS subscribers through the PlayStation Store, and will be playable from the 11th January 2019 beginning at 15:00 GMT and run until the 14th January 2019 at 14:59 GMT. The Beta will consist of Online Versus mode and will feature four iconic characters from DOA’s past, including Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate, and Hayabusa, as well as one of the most-anticipated newcomers to the roster, “The Uncrowned Street Hero” Diego. All fights will take place on the main stage of the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 tournament - the DOA COLOSSEUM – complete with [...]

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Impressions of Soul Calibur VI Beta

This past weekend, Bandai Namco opened up their servers to perform a network stress test for Soul Calibur 6, giving many players a chance to experience the game if they haven't been able to do so at events such as EVO. While the available roster isn't the complete one that will be available at launch, it was still diverse enough to help get a feel for the game. Visually, the game looks amazing and has some of the most beautiful stages out there in a 3D fighting game right now. While Tekken 7 does have very good stages and character models, Soul Calibur 6 has a much smoother, cleaner, and brighter aesthetic to it compared to Tekken 7. The soundtrack is also well done as well. Fortunately, The Witcher's Geralt [...]

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Android 17 Officially Joins the Battle in DRAGON BALL FighterZ

PRESS RELEASE Android 17 has long been supporting Android 18 in DRAGON BALL FighterZ, but today, everything changes. We’re excited to announce that Android 17 will be officially joining the DRAGON BALL FighterZ character roster, ready to be selected to deal pain on the other characters in the DRAGON BALL FighterZ universe. During his initial introduction into the DRAGON BALL universe, Android 17 was known to be a reckless anarchist, a trouble maker, and a real heel. After experiencing death and being brought back to life by Shenron, his brush with great-beyond caused Android 17 to take-on a life of peace and obscurity. See Android 17 battle an array of foes in DRAGON BALL FighterZ: Lastly, players will be able to unlock the Z Capsule content in preparation for Halloween starting September 26, 2018. The Z Capsule will contain exclusive versions of the lobby characters, Halloween Z Stamps, and alternative Halloween colored [...]

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PRESS RELEASE The TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 2 has been released for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC via STEAM®. Season Pass 2 opens with the arrival of Anna Williams and Lei Wulong, two of the six playable characters planned for Season Pass 2. More information on the additional characters, including the sadistic Negan from AMC’s The Walking Dead, will be shared closer to their release dates. Lei Wulong – A dejected Lei took a break from the police force after his failure to arrest Jin Kazama. It was during this time off that he became a fan of TV star and G Corporation employee, Lucky Chloe. Now, his hope is to one day meet his idol and find out more about the shady G Corporation which has driven [...]

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