Gaming’s Newest Trend: The Rise of the “Battle Royale” Genre

I remember receiving a movie recommendation when I was either a freshman or sophomore in college as a buddy of mine was talking about foreign films that he really, really loved and he mentioned "Battle Royale." Having never heard of it but definitely intrigued by his description of it, I went out of my way to check it out and I'm glad I did because it's awesome. The film revolves around a group of junior high school students forced by the Japanese government to fight to the death. Wearing collars rigged to explode if they are uncooperative or manage to end up in a daily "danger zone" they receive "supplies" and are sent out onto the island to begin killing each other off. The supplies are food, water, a map, [...]

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The 2018 Fighting Games To Look Forward To

With the passing week, Capcom released their update to their main fighting game franchise Street Fighter. Arcade Edition came with a few changes in regards to its User Interface, balancing tweaks, and also the long awaited Arcade Mode. This update also begins Season 3 for Street Fighter V with a new season pass full of DLC characters including Sakura, Blanka, Cody, Falke, G, and Sagat. For only a couple of more days, Sakura will be available for all players. Along with this release, there are more titles to look forward to for the year and one title will even be releasing later this week: Dragon Ball FighterZ. This game has been very anticipated for many fans of both fighting games and the Dragon Ball series. Fairly recently, Bandai Namco had their [...]

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Are Guest Characters Ruining Fighting Games?

This past weekend was certainly a very exciting one for fighting games. Both the Injustice 2 Grand Finals at ELEAGUE as well as the Tekken World Tour finals were taking place. These events were certainly full of hype with such high level gameplay, but what certainly added to it were the character reveals in regards to added DLC for these titles. On Friday night, many fans finally had their questions asked in regards to who would be premiering in Fighter Pack 3. Since the release of the game, there has been many theories as to who would be joining the fray. Possibilities ranged from Spawn, Buffy, Rorshach, Constantine, Neo from The Matrix, the list goes on and on. What NetherRealm Studios revealed was a straight up sucker-punch with the reveal [...]

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Are Games Getting Easier? The Death of Harder Difficulties

We as gamers remember lots of various moments throughout our time spent with our favorite hobby. Be it an overkill/extermination in Halo matchmaking, a friendly chat in an MMO, a notable NPC like Tingle or Mr. Resetti, or any other aspect of a game that made you enjoy your time spent with it. Whatever the moment may be, there can usually be a sense of accomplishment attached to it as well. No one would play games just to get from point A to point B or something equally mundane if there wasn't a sense of reward or encouragement involved. I know I wouldn't, at least. Video games have come a long way in the past twenty or so years. There was a point in time when "gaming" and "gamer" were [...]

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