ShadowBlade expansion introduces the Assassin class, a legendary mount and new skills for each class

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 — Global publisher and developer NetEase are thrilled to release the ShadowBlade expansion for Revelation Online. Players can master the lethal arts of the Assassin class and partake on a heroic questline to obtain the license required to drive and fly the new VX500 mount. The ShadowBlade expansion also includes new content for the additional six classes with the introduction of Class Areas, unique places where players can find vendors, gain access to new Soul Grids, and unlock new class-specific abilities and skill sets.  Each class has its own unique class area providing the perfect hub for classes to train, learn new skills and evolve to new epic proportions!

In the ShadowBlade expansion, players can expect the following features:

The Assassin: Players pick their target, slink through enemy lines and annihilate their foes with lightning speed as the new assassin class.

Venom ZX500 Quest: Players can get their hands on this mutated motorbike and hurtle the roads of Nuanor. Deem yourself worthy and pass a few tests to be allowed to ride this monster of a bike.

Class & Equipment Change: These features allow players to transform their current class to another one they want to play. Ideal for players who don’t want to start a new class from the very first level.

Class Areas: Players can complete a dedicated quest line for their class and buy brand new skills from vendors in the class area. These are scattered throughout Nuanor:

  • Assassin Area – Scorpion Plains

The misty Scorpion Plains bring together the most lethal mercenaries.

  • Blademaster Area – Contender’s Peak

High above the clouds and guarded by wyverns, this rugged spot is a meeting place where Blademasters put their steel to the test and forge the mightiest weapons.

  • Gunslinger Area – Imperial Marksman Academy

The Gunslinger Class Area is located underground, flanked by an enormous pyramid. Countless silos ensure that there’s always enough gunpowder to go around.

  • Occultist Area – Realm of Shattered Light

Ominous whisperings can be heard across this twilit haunt. Buzzards dot the sky, swooping down intermittently to torment the forgotten souls that wander the realm.

  • Spirit Shaper Area – Valley of Spirits

The Valley of Spirits is a gathering of hardy souls who seek to become one with nature. This lush expanse teems with exotic plant life and rare animals.

  • Swordmage Area – Starward Meridian

Swordmage disciples chose this snowy location for its unfettered view of the cosmos. It’s also home to Ashwing Cranes, who yearn for fearless riders.

  • Vanguard Area – Maple Ridge

Impregnable fortifications and Thundermane sentries ensure that no trespassers set foot in Maple Ridge. Vanguards train tirelessly to become elite soldiers.

About Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place.


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