PC Review: The Land of Pain

Ah, The Land of Pain. Where to begin? Let's start by giving a round of applause to Alessandro Guzzo, the sole developer of the game. Kudos to you sir for managing to create a Lovecraftian horror-survival adventure game single-handedly. I picked up The Land of Pain on steam for less than $10 as it was on sale at the time of release. For an indie game that I ended up finishing in about 5 hours, that might actually be a bit overpriced. Granted, the experience was a (mostly) enjoyable one. The game did crash on me several times, but the developer released a few patches that supposedly fixed the issue and it only crashed ONCE on me after that. So he is definitely improving the game which is nice because [...]

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Ivalice comes to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood October 10th

PRESS RELEASE LOS ANGELES (Sept. 29, 2017) – Sweeping views of Rabanastre and powerful new foes await adventurers in the latest update for FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Stormblood™. Patch 4.1, entitled “The Legend Returns,” is the first major update to Stormblood and continues the exhilarating main scenario questline following the liberation of Ala Mhigo. Adventurers will also be able to challenge a fearsome new Shinryu trial—The Minstrel's Ballad: Shinryu's Domain—and tackle the even more demanding “Ultimate” battle series with the debut of The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate). The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain The Legend Returns will also mark the beginning of the highly anticipated “Return to Ivalice” alliance raid series, which will take players to the ruins of the city of Rabanastre. During the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE [...]

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Rick and Morty come to “Move or Die” as Playable Characters

PRESS RELEASE What up, my glip-glops? Those Awesome Guys and Reverb Triple XP want to remind you that this Sunday is the season three finale of Rick and Morty, and what better way to celebrate this event than by playing characters from the Adult Swim's animated series in Move or Die?!? Move or Die is an absurdly fast-paced, four-player local and online party game that is guaranteed to ruin friendships in nearly every multiverse!* Quick! There’s no time to squanch! Not a smeckle to spare? Don’t even trip, dawg... the character pack is free! Players and Meseeks alike can experience the misadventures of Rick and Morty in the friendship-ruining game, Move or Die. In the ‘Rick and Morty Kickass Cameos’ update, players can battle against friends as characters from the [...]

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Ubisoft Announces Dan Romer As Composer for Far Cry 5

PRESS RELEASE LONDON, UK — SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2017 — Today, Ubisoft® announced that Dan Romer, the award-winning film composer, songwriter and music producer, is composing the score for Far Cry® 5 in addition to writing songs for the game. The Far Cry 5 soundtrack will be available closer to the game’s launch on February 27th, 2018. Known for his film score work on Beasts of the Southern Wild and Beasts of No Nation, and for producing the Grammy-winning single, “Say Something,” and worldwide hit, “Treat You Better,” Romer sought to create a soundtrack that transports players into fictional Hope County, Montana, where fanatical doomsday cult Project at Eden’s Gate has taken over. Utilizing many Americana instruments, including banjos, fiddles, dobros and more, Romer’s score will fluctuate as players explore the [...]

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